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Winter Encaustic Workshops



If you like to make collages, work with layers of images and intense color, you may enjoy working with encaustic, a medium made of beeswax and Damar varnish. I have been working hard for the past few years developing encaustic technique. I would love to share it with you.

Sign up now for winter workshops in January and February. Please forward this if you know anyone who might be interested. The first one is a continuation of the basic class I did last fall. lf you have never worked with encaustic, I suggest you take the one in February first. I will repeat the Image Transfer class later. 

Each workshop will be at the Art Gym at 1460 Leyden. There will only be 6 students in the class.

Image Transfer with Encaustic Medium • January 16th 6:30-8:30 pm Fee: $60

Add definition and depth to your encaustic artwork through image transfer and collage. Encaustic image transfer is the transference of a printed or drawn image onto wax. Learn several methods to transfer and embed images with encaustic medium. It is better if you have some familiarity with basic encaustic technique before taking this class. Fee includes materials. Bring some laser copies of your favorite images to practice. No inkjet. Click on the link to register. 41530631236

Basic Encaustics • Saturday February 3rd 1 pm to 4 pm Fee: $60

Discover the ancient wax and resin medium of encaustic. You will play with the equipment, supplies and basic techniques. The curriculum includes translucent layering, mark making, and incorporating other media. You will learn tips and tricks for working with the hot wax to get the best results. If desired, a second workshop is possible that will focus on image transfer and collage. It will fill up quickly as there are only 6 spots. Fee includes all materials, including 3 panels each. Click on the link register.

Gigia Kolouch